Indepth statistics for your team and your opponents are just a hotkey away ingame.

Death Recaps

LolReplay2 features it's own personal death recaps. It provides a complete breakdown of how you died ingame with easy to understand infomation allowing you to learn from your mistakes and itemize correctly.


Along with the most reliable replay recording tool LolReplay2 includes backward compatible replays, ensuring your greatest gaming moments are never lost as well as replay sharing to allow you to share those moments with friends.

LolReplay2 is the most popular app for League of Legends in the world. It's totally free, totally legal and contains a host of different features aimed at improving the League of Legends experience.

Personalized Stats

LolReplay2 will build you a profile as you play. Logging key statistics and allowing you to easily discover your strengths and weaknesses and to compare them against the people you play with.

Stream Manager

Desktop based notifications whenever a favourite streamer comes online. Never miss a session again.

Login Screen

Relive a blast from the past. Bring back those favourite logins from the past. Did anyone say Diana?

Champ Filters

No more panic picks. Customize the champion select search and create lists of with your champion pool.


What is LolReplay2?

LolReplay2 is a toolkit for League of Legends aimed at providing a huge range of services for every league player, both competitive and casual. Some features provide important quality­of- life upgrades, while others provide unique services that you can not get anywhere else.

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Is this legit?

Yes, we're a legitimate third­party team dedicated to providing a quality product without compromising player safety. You won't find Lolreplay2 bundled with malware or bloatware, and we work with Riot to ensure LolReplay2 is legal.

How do I edit a replay/upload it to youtube?

Replay files are not videos, so you cannot just open them in your favorite video editing software. You need to first use software like OBS or Fraps to record a replay while it is playing back.

Once you have recorded the video segments you want from a replay, you can edit it together using normal video editing software and upload it to youtube.

That sounds like more work, why would I not just record all my games with Fraps?

For two reasons, the first being that the file size of a video is enormous, especially those captured through screen capturing software. Recording all the games you play would take excessive amounts of disk space, and you would probably need to throw a lot of them away to free space up. By contrast, a Replay file is only a few MBs for a 30 minute match, so you could easily have hundreds of matches recorded which you can play back at any time. The second reason is performance. Screen capturing software requires a lot of CPU and disk IO while it's recording, and this can affect your game while you are playing. LolReplay2 on the other hand has no noticeable impact on the performance of your computer while it's recording, so you can just leave it on at any time. It will automatically start recording when you play a match, so you don’t need to remember to hit record.

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